Vintage King Welcomes Roland To The Family


Since 1972, Roland has been one of the biggest creators of premium quality digital pianos, synthesizers, electronic drums, recording equipment, amps and more. Over the course of these four decades, the gear giant has time and time again introduced amazing innovations for live stages and recording studios around the world.

We're extremely excited to announce that Roland has now joined the family at Vintage King and that we've already added many of their incredible products to our online catalog and retail locations. Read on to discover some of our new favorite pieces of gear from the company and a few essentials that have changed the course of music forever.


JC-120 Jazz Chorus
For the unitiated, Roland's JC-40 Jazz Chorus has been one of the undisputed kings of the amplifier world since it was released in 1975. Producing impecabbly clean guitar sounds with rich tone and built-in stereo effects, the 2x12 version comes packed with Roland's signature Space Chrous, vibrato, distortion and spring reverb.


TR-8 Rhythm Performer
Two of Roland's classic rhythm machines, TR-808 and TR-909, have been brought to life in one sleek design that is ready for both studio and live performances. The TR-8 Rhythm Performer brings together the seminal sound and effects of these original units and features 16 kits with 11 different instrument types.


TB-3 Touch Bassline
The Roland TB-303 takes on a new form with the TB-3 Touch Bassline, a bass synthesizer that features over 130 unique sounds and pattern support for up to 32 steps. The unit gives you full control over attack, slide and tie, in addition to offering envelope modulation, pattern switching and keyboard intervals, making it extremely simple to get started and develop incredible music.


Demora, Bitrazer, Scooper and Torcido
Craving new Eurorack gear? Roland has introduced stellar modular synth equipment including the Demora, Bitrazer, Scooper and Torcido. Check out the demo video below and find out why these delay, crusher, scoop and distortion effects will be a welcome fit for your rack.

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