Tis' the season to be thankful for all the fantastic things that have happened this year and we've had plenty to be thankful for at Vintage King. From new team members to new family members (so many VK babies in 2015), we've seen so much change and growth and couldn't be happier! Not to mention, we're super thankful for all of you, our faithful customers and clients, who we've been happy to help outfit with the best pro audio gear in the world. While we're more than thankful for new babies, the health of our loved ones and all of you, we're also super appreciative for our favorite gear that helps us get the job done in our own studio spaces. We tracked down some of our Sales Staff before our big Black Friday Sale and asked them about the equipment they hold near and dear to their hearts this holiday season.

What piece of gear are you most thankful this Thanksgiving?

Barefoot Sound MM27 Monitors I'm personally most thankful for Barefoot Sound's MM27 monitors. For a decade, this revolutionary monitor has made mixers, engineers and artists smile when working thru them emerging as the market leader in its class. "You feel as though you're 'in' the mix and not so much working on it."
Undertone Audio MPEQ-1 That EQ is made of unicorn tears and the Pre is like a driving a Tesla 90mph in a school zone.
GearVk GearVK
Lynx Studio Technology Aurora 16 I'm thankful for my Lynx Aurora converters! They’re reliable, future proof and sound incredible. Ive never had a single issue with them and its a piece of gear I will never sell.
Overstayer M-A-S and Stereo Voltage Control I’m thankful for exciting, innovative designs like the Overstayer MAS and Stereo Voltage Control.
Moog Music Sub 37 Tribute Edition I'm thankful that the world can be blessed with the phatness that lurks within the beast that is the Moog Music Sub 37.VKGear1
ATC Loudspeakers SCM45A PRO I’m really thankful for the ATC 45s. They have given me the quality I have looked for in large monitors, but in a package that fits into my home studio as well as the world class quality I’ve always relied on.
Avedis Audio MA5 The first preamps I ever bought, still put to use on every session. They offer me the warmth, punch and detail of so many classic preamps rolled into one. The 28K feature is almost always engaged and just gives a certain breath of fresh air to the top end. Hard to describe, but easy to hear.