In-Store: Los Angeles [November Edition]


It's November and we're thankful for our amazing customers and all of the great pro audio gear that seems to be coming into the shop lately! Find out what we've got in store for the rest of the month including an exclusive demo of the AMS Neve BCM10 Mk2 and more in the latest edition of In-Store: Los Angeles.



New Reissue Console From AMS Neve Coming To Los Angeles
Originally designed in 1969 and put into production by 1970, the BCM10 has become a favorite among engineers, producers and artists alike. At this year's AES convention in October, AMS Neve announced that it was releasing a revamped version of the console and that it would be sold only through two companies, one of which is Vintage King.

We'll be hosting a demo event for the AMS Neve BCM10/2 Mk2 on November 19th for anyone interested in seeing and hearing what this beautiful console is capable of doing. AMS Neve designer Robin Porter will be in attendence and showing off some of the new features added to the console including a direct output per channel for recording, four mono auxiliaries, a stereo cue, two inputs per channel for monitoring and mixing and mix bus insert with 2264a compression and parallel processing.


Discover The Latest Gear Favorites of Our Staff
We talked to more Los Angeles staff members than ever before this month's In-Store because so many of them were excited to pitch their gear favorites to our faithful readers. While some will have to wait until next month, read on to discover Staff Picks from Jeffrey Ehrenberg, Matt Knobel and Robert Alexander.


Beyerdynamic M160
The Led Zeppelin “Levee Breaks” drum room, used on Bowie’s vocals and Hendrix guitar…amazing bang for the buck. Enough said, everyone needs a pair. I have four!


Spectra Sonics v610 Complimiter
It’s unbelievable how fast and transparent it is. It’s changed the impact my mixes have and the amount of power my recordings have. KUURAZZZYYY!


Moog Music Mother 32
A complete synth on its own or a great first module to start you on your Eurorack journey.


Purple Audio MC77
Our best selling “1176”. If you only had one outboard compressor, this should be it.



New Multi-Directional Mic Gets Released in Los Angeles
A special thank you to everyone who made it out to United Recording last week for our event with Lauten Audio! It was a great night with engineer/producer Darrell Thorp and Brian Loudenslager from Lauten Audio demonstrating the power of this new microphone through recording both male and female voices. Designed for the most discerning ears in the business, the Eden features multi-voicing switch for three distinct timbres, vocal shaping high-pass filter, kick-drum shaping high-pass filter and switchable patterns on the microphone. The polar pattern switch gives engineers and artists the option of choosing between Cardioid, Omnidirectional or Figure-8 polar patterns and makes it extremely easy to switch between patterns.


Local Recommendations From The Vintage King Staff
Tis the season to eat, drink and be merry, and accordingly our staff has presented us with the best options to do so in the Los Angeles area. Check out some favorite spots in the city from sales team members Robert Alexander, Matt Knobel and Jeffrey Ehrenberg.


Spoke Bicycle Cafe
This place is a hub of activity for the neighborhood. Located along the nice looking part of the LA river. Live music and even modular synth drum circles!


Malo Restaurant
Mexican taco joint with a great bar. Good food, hot bartenders and great drinks.


Every flavor you have ever tasted, loaded into every bite.


Button Mash
New spot. Retro Barcade with great food.

VintageKingLA VintageKingLA VintageKingLA

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