Since rumors began to swirl about AMS Neve announcing a new console at AES 2015, the pro audio community waited with baited breath until the eventual launch of the brand new BCM10/2 Mk2. The console was debuted at our booth during the AES convention and is now being prepared for two events at our retail locations in Los Angeles and Nashville. AMS Neve lead designer Robin Porter will be making a trip to Vintage King Los Angeles on November 19th to show off the new console and explain the updates that have been made. The classic 10-channel desk has been revived for a new era, including some distinct changes that will it a perfect fit for modern studios. Some of the new features include a direct output per channel for recording, four mono auxiliaries, a stereo cue, two inputs per channel for monitoring and mixing and mix bus insert with 2264a compression and parallel processing. Check out our video of Vintage King co-owner Mike Nehra talking about the BCM10/2 Mk2 with AMS Neve's Robin Porter, along with some close-up images of the console.
ams_neve-bcm10-2-mk2-detail2 ams_neve-bcm10-2-mk2-detail3 ams_neve-bcm10-2-mk2-detail4