It's that time again, AES is nearly here and we're headed to New York for another weekend of amazing pro audio gear. For AES 2015, we're presenting an opportunity to see and hear the revolutionary monitor controller, room correction and metering systems from French innovators Trinnov. The event will be hosted at Fab Dupont’s Flux Studios on Friday, October 30th from 4 PM to 6 PM.

At the heart of every Trinnov controller is an acoustic optimization technology that analyzes and treats the room, speakers and reproduction system as a whole. Problems are identified at a single or multiple listening positions, analyzed and compensated for with the most efficient combination of equalization, amplitude and phase correction.

What's the culmination of all this care and technology? The most accurate and realistic sound field attainable in a given room and monitoring environment. Mixes translate better, meaning less time spent cross referencing with multiple speakers and listening environments, and giving you the confidence to make changes without worrying about how your room and speakers are influencing your decisions. Target response curves allow you to model other listening environments and systems, or make a client-friendly sounding presentation with lots of impact.