Since opening in 1999, Eleven Sound has done everything possible to achieve audio excellence in the world of post-production. Through bringing in essential gear and staying on top of the latest techniques, founder Jeff Payne and his three fellow sound mixers (Scott Burns, Ben Freer and AJ Murillo), have created industry-leading work for clients like Verizon, Dodge, Pepsi and more. Recently, when looking to make an upgrade, Eleven Sound asked Ron Lagerlof and his team at Visioneering about what technology to bring into their studio space. Pointing Payne towards a system that implemented audio over Ethernet, Lagerlof connected Eleven Sound with Vintage King's Post-Production Recording Equipment Expert Chris Bolitho. "We knew we wanted to do our routing and monitoring through BSS products controlled by a Crestron touch screen. So Chris and Ron came up with [FocusriteRedNet as being the best option to bridge between BSS and [AvidPro Tools using DANTE."
RedNet, Focusrite's ethernet-based studio interfaces, have been making an indelible impression on the post community and studios that feature multi-room set-ups. As the Eleven Sound crew worked with Bolitho to develop a plan for their own space, a visit from Focusrite's RedNet Product Specialist Ted White helped seal the deal and guarantee the right choice was being made. "What really sold us was when Ted White from Focusrite came over to the studio with a couple of 5s and a 4 and helped us set them up to demo," Payne states. "He was more than helpful throughout the entire process." As the RedNet system was being installed, the Eleven Sound crew utilized the knowledge of Bolitho, White and Focusrite's Tech Team to optimize their system. Creating a network specifically for DANTE and RedNet gear, the group ensured that their signal flow would receive the full benefits of the system's AD/DA conversion, clocking and transparency. In addition to upgrading with RedNet, Eleven Sound also decided to upgrade their control surface game with the purchase of an Avid S6. For Payne's particular style of sound mixing, this style of control surface fit many of his ergonomic and production-based needs. "I’m very comfortable mixing in the box and for me, faders are really important for mixing music and dialog – you have to use your hands," says Payne of the Avid S6. "I really like having the control surface angled to the side right next to my keyboard and mouse." "With the faders and specifically the attention fader on my right hand, it’s super fast and very easy to tweak one fader at a time by just clicking on it in Pro Tools and it pops onto the attention fader," Payne continues. "I never have to move my head or move my hand far at all. My left hand never leaves the keyboard (for transport) and my right is free to grab the track I need. It’s kind of an unorthodox set-up but it works for me." Interested in learning more about how Vintage King can propel your post-production facilities to the next level? Our knowledgeable Post team is always ready to talk about the latest advancements and options for creating an upgraded system in your studio. Please contact Vintage King Post at anytime via email or phone at 818.237.9181
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