After being in production for over 20 years, fabled speaker maker ProAc ceased production of one of their most prominent lines, the Studio 100. While many have tried to fill the void left by ProAc in the wake of their decision, the England-based company has announced that they will be bringing back the Studio 100, albeit in a slightly different form. Since discontinuing the Studio 100 in 2013, designer Stewart Tyler has spent the past two years working on a new speaker that would build upon the model's rich tradition while advancing the technology behind its sound. The resulting monitor, the Pro Ac SM100, retains the signature characteristics of the original while also utilizing new and improved bass driver with a upgraded surround material and dust cap, along with a brand new 1-inch domed tweeter and crossover network. This tweeter design is new for ProAc speakers, as the build features a 1-inch silk dome and damped front plate, which will result in lower distortion. The SM100 also includes a new crossover that will be custom tuned to compliment the new driver system, giving this monitor the best performance out of its high-quality components. As for the sound of SM100, fans of the original ProAc 100 will be happy with a similar premium quality, but smoother and less fatiguing midrange and high-frequency response. Expect more details, less distortion in the highs, more precise imaging and better depth of sound stage. If you've already fallen for the ProAc 100, you'll undoubtedly be in love with the new SM100 upon your first listen. This essential monitor brand has upped their game with this new speaker, as they have brought an already classic piece of studio equipment to another level of perfection.