It's that time of year, AES 2015 is near and new gear is being announced every single day in the build up to the big weekend in New York. However, pro audio lovers on the West Coast will also get some love in the coming weeks as we're teaming up with Lauten Audio to launch the brand new Eden microphone in Los Angeles. To kick off the celebration, Darrell Thorp and Brian Loudenslager from Lauten Audio will be showcasing the new Eden microphone at United Recording Studios on November 5th at 6PM. Join the Vintage King Los Angeles crew as we explore the sounds captured by the Eden, a new multi-voicing tube condenser mic. Vocalists Banah Winn and Malvina Maury will be in the studio and lending their voices as test subjects for this new microphone. Designed for the most discerning ears in the business, the Eden features multi-voicing switch for three distinct timbres, vocal shaping high-pass filter, kick-drum shaping high-pass filter and switchable patterns on the microphone. The polar pattern switch gives engineers and artists the option of choosing between Cardioid, Omnidirectional or Figure-8 polar patterns and makes it extremely easy to switch between patterns. Want to get in on this new mic launch and here how well it captures both male and female voices? Signing up for the event is as simple as using the form below! Fill out your info, press submit and you'll be all set to join us at United Recording Studios on November 5th! We'll see you in Los Angeles!