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  • Dave Smith Instruments Unleashes Prophet-6 Desktop Module


    AES 2015 is on and there have already been some big announcements today. The trend of bringing essential gear down to a smaller size continues with Dave Smith Instruments creating a modular version of the amazing Sequential Circuits Prophet-6, the Prophet-6 Desktop Module. Once again Dave has built a masterful unit, which keeps intact the power and sound behind his larger synthesizer. Continue reading

  • Pultec Launches 500 Series EQs And New Full Size Reissues


    Throughout the years, Pultec has perfected EQ and now they are bringing it to the 500 Series format. Making their announcement at AES 2015, the storied brand is releasing smaller versions of the EQP-1A3-SS and EQP-1S3-SS to the exact specifications of the originals. Continue reading

  • Antelope Audio Introduces Orion 32+, Isochrone 10MX and Orion Studio


    For over 20 years, Antelope Audio has been one of the foremost purveyors of mastering grade clocks, converters, mic pres, audio interfaces and more. At AES 2015, the company has rolled out three new products including the Orion Studio, Orion 32+ and Isochrone 10MX Atomic Master Clock. Continue reading

  • ProAc Brings Back Studio 100 Monitors As SM100


    After being in production for over 20 years, fabled speaker maker ProAc ceased production of one of their most prominent lines, the Studio 100. While many have tried to fill the void left by ProAc in the wake of their decision, the England-based company has announced that they will be bringing back the Studio 100, albeit in a slightly different form. Continue reading

  • Chandler Limited Recreates Abbey Road's EMI RS124 Compressor


    AES 2015 hasn't even started yet and Chandler Limited has opened it with a bang! The brand known for recreating the classic gear of Abbey Road is once again reviving another piece of vintage equipment from the famed studio that once housed The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Badfinger and more. Meet the Chandler Limited RS124! Continue reading

  • Creating The Spooky Synth Sounds Of Legendary Horror Movies


    As Halloween draws closer and closer, we've been binge watching all kinds of classic horror movies. While some achieve greatness in terms of jump scares and gory visuals, others remain our favorites because of their incredible soundtracks. From Argento and Fulci to Carpenter and Romero, these masterful directors have made fantastic choices when choosing the composers and artists who would make the music for their films. Continue reading

  • Lauten Audio Launches Eden Microphone With Vintage King Los Angeles


    It's that time of year, AES 2015 is near and new gear is being announced every single day in the build up to the big weekend in New York. However, pro audio lovers on the West Coast will also get some love in the coming weeks as we're teaming up with Lauten Audio to launch the brand new Eden microphone in Los Angeles. Continue reading

  • Around The Shop: Neve 8068 Console


    Since the beginning of our company, we've always had an affinity for the classic consoles that have made a historical impact on our favorite albums. From Neve to API and Solid State Logic to EMI, we've serviced some of the most famous consoles in the world right here in our Ferndale, Michigan-based Tech Shop.

    As a part of Around The Shop blog series, we're going to begin taking a more in-depth look at the consoles that we are currently working on. This week we delve into a servicing project of a Neve console from the mid-seventies being worked on by our Lead Console Technician, Rich Hunt. Continue reading

  • The Sound Behind UnderToneAudio's MPEQ-1 And MPDI-4


    Through Midnight on October 26th, 2015, we'll be offering 10% off UnderToneAudio's MPEQ-1 and MPDI-4. Read on to discover what will make these channel strips essential elements of your recording and mixing processes.

    "It started when I was faced with this issue," says UnderToneAudio co-owner and famed producer Eric Valentine. "Nobody was building a recording console that was going to work for me." Finding himself without a console to mix on, Valentine teamed with engineer Larry Jasper to create their own from scratch. Continue reading

  • Tracking: Jean-Marie Riachi Of JMR Studios


    In the world of Jean-Marie Riachi, a Lebanon-born composer and producer, all that matters is the music. When making the decision to start his own Beirut-based space, JMR Studios, Riachi wanted to keep his options open and tackle a wide range of projects including movie soundtracks, post-production work and recording musicians. Continue reading

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