While the real Vintage King Rack 500 will make a great addition to any studio setting, we've also created something that you can bring home for free right now. We've created a papercraft version of our 500 Rack for you to print out in your home and construct using nothing more than a hobby knife, some glue or tape and a few spare minutes. It may not add anything to your studio’s sound like the real thing, but this pint-size parchment version is perfect for holding guitar picks, small session notes and spare change.
Download your Vintage King Rack 500 Papercraft sheet here
Be sure to show off your mini-Vintage King Rack 500 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by tagging your photos with #minirack. Over the past 20 years, the Vintage King Tech Shop crew has serviced lots of audio equipment. With the recent move towards 500 Series modules, there has been a growing trend of faulty 500 Racks coming through the shop. We took it into our own hands to create a tough rack, the Vintage King Rack 500, that could tackle nearly any combination of 500 Series modules. With hundreds of companies creating their own 500 Series gear, the exact specifications of most modules tend to run a wide gamut. At Vintage King, our thought was to make a heavy-duty, rugged 500 Rack that could take on any kind of 500 Series gear. The resulting six-slot rack has been tested by our team of techs, who spent months trying out nearly every combination of 500 series they could possibly think to throw at this beast. Pushing the power supply and components to the limit, our tech team continued to improve the rack all along the way, until arriving at the final version that we now are offering. To ensure that the rack can power nearly any gear, each unit is outfitted with heavy duty linear power supply and xxxmA on each module and each rail. The chassis is built tough and also features extra venting for rack mounting and in the back of the unit.