Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Pettyjohn Electronics was created by co-owners Stephen Pettyjohn and Chris Hoff, who had a vision of bringing pro audio level technology to everyday musicians. The company's big break came from the release of the PreDrive, which brought preamp technology down to the stompbox format and won rave reviews from critics. Pettyjohn's latest pedal, the PettyDrive, continues to apply studio-grade analog technology, but this time in the form of overdrive. If you'd like to own either pedal from Pettyjohn, click here to be taken to a page where you can select the pedal you're interested in purchasing. Want to learn more? We're breaking down both pedals from Pettyjohn in the blog today, including details of the controls and demo videos from our highly skilled pedal master, Pete Thorn.
As the latest from Pettyjohn Electronics, the PettyDrive is an analog overdrive pedal that has two distinct channels, which can be flip-flopped in their order on your chain or even used at the same time. The first overdrive (the pedal's right side), offers a wide range of tone, starting off with a basic boost and moving up to a chimey and rich British-like drive. Engaging Channel B enables the second overdrive, which is a distinctly thick tone, reminiscent of some of your favorite American boutique amps. There are two variations of the Pettydrive, the PettyDrive-Standard and the Petty-Drive Deluxe. While each pedal features separate Level, Gain and Tone controls for each overdrive, the Deluxe's come in hot-rodded chrome. In addition, this version of the pedal utilizes a studio-grade discrete opamp input buffer chip (the Standard uses a Burr-Brown input buffer chip), and the second channel is equipped with all Burr-Brown chips for max transparency. Check out Pete Thorn's demo of the PettyDrive to get an idea of the overdrives you'll be able to achieve with this amazing pedal from Pettyjohn Electronics.
Pettyjohn's first creation, the PreDrive, was designed to be the first pedal in your chain and to be utilized by any instrument with a magnetic pickup. The pedal is capable of matching the impedance of any magnetic pickups, thus offering users the ability to capture incredible direct-in tones, while also offering options for reamping and virtual amplifiers. As with the PettyDrive, Pettyjohn offers two separate versions of this pedal, the PreDrive-Standard and the PreDrive-Handwired. These pedals offer the exact same options on both pedals, one is simply wired by hand. Each pedal features two discrete opamp chips, in addition to the same controls, an impedance switch, hi/lo cut filters, input and output gain, boost control, harmonic drive switch and harmonic drive control knob. Want to hear what can be done with the Pettyjohn PreDrive? Check out Pete Thorn's demo below to get a sense of the incredible control and beautiful direct-in tones that this pedal can give to users of nearly any kind of instrument with pick-ups.