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  • Second Annual Pensado Award Winners Announced


    Last night was a beautiful night in Los Angeles for an award ceremony and, as usual, the Pensado Place crew put on an unbelievably successful event. The second annual Pensado Awards have once again honored some of the best and brightest in the areas of sound production, songwriting, performance and beyond. Continue reading

  • Union Tube & Transistor Talks Tone Druid With Vintage King


    Since teaming with Jack White-owned Third Man Records for the Bumble Buzz, Union Tube & Transistor has been receiving well-earned acclaim for their deceptively simple and stylish pedals. Despite the recent Third Man push, the Vancouver-based company has been making quality pedals since around 2007 when owner/designer Chris Young sought out an alternative to a vintage pedal he couldn't find. Continue reading

  • Merging Technologies Offers Interface Alternatives In Hapi And Horus


    In bringing the Horus and Hapi to the pro audio world, Merging Technologies worked to create not only outstanding audio interfaces, but two pieces of gear that would also offer unprecedented connectivity. The resulting products are nothing short of their ambitious goals, allowing users to take advantage of a plethora of connectivity options, including using innovative RAVENNA technology. Continue reading

  • Vintage King Partners With Pensado's Place For The Pensado Awards


    For the second year in a row, we're extremely excited to be taking part in the Pensado Awards. Presented by Pensado's Place's Dave Pensado and Herb Trawick, the weekly online show hosts have once again taken up the task of honoring music makers at all levels (from amateur to professional), in a completely new way. Continue reading

  • In-Store: Los Angeles [August Edition]


    Summer is starting to wrap up at Vintage King Los Angeles, but we've still got a lot planned for the remainder of August and beyond. Read on to discover the latest events, products and news at Vintage King in the latest edition of In-Store: Los Angeles. Continue reading

  • Vintage King Delivers A Neve 8078 To Electric Lady Studios


    In honor of Electric Lady Studios' 45th birthday, we're taking a look back at their recent renovation and studio buildout in 2011. While the folks at Electric Lady have come to Vintage King for all kinds of recording gear over the years, the vintage Neve 8078 that we restored for them is certainly one of the studio's centerpieces.

    Originally built in 1970 by Jimi Hendrix and designed by architect and acoustician John Storyk, Electric Lady Studios in New York City hardly needs an introduction. Vintage King Audio Co-Owner Mike Nehra recently worked with the legendary recording space on the commission and Premium Vintage King Service of a Neve 8078 recording console. Continue reading

  • In-Store: Nashville [August Edition]


    Need a break from the summer sun? Beating the heat is a lot easier when you surround yourself with the coolest pro audio gear in the world. Read on to discover Vintage King Nashville’s latest goings-on, including upcoming events, new arrivals, Staff Picks and more, in the August edition of In-Store. Continue reading

  • Pete Thorn Shows Off Suhr's Collection Of Guitars, Pedals And Amps

    Pete Thorn, our resident guitar slinging demo-maker, has been integral in helping to make Suhr's guitars, pedals and amps truly special. Check out the demo videos below to discover these incredible innovations from Suhr and find out what makes these handbuilt products among some of the best in the world. Continue reading
  • Vintage King Welcomes Spectra Sonics Complimiters


    We are excited to welcome two new compressor/limiters to our lineup of the best pro audio gear in the world. Created by Spectra Sonics, the 610 Complimiter and V610 Complimiter come highly recommended by some of the best engineers and producers in the world including Vance Powell, Tchad Blake, Dave Cobb and Jack Douglas. Continue reading

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