Barefoot Sound's latest creation, the MM45, has already made its way into the hands of many of the world's leading producers and engineers. One such studio vet that has taken to the MM45, which features the same technology as the MiniMain12, is none other than Adam Moseley.

Known for his work with Tina Turner, KISS, Rush and more, Moseley has led an illustrious career, working in the confines of Trident Studios, The Boat and more. Now splitting his time between teaching production/mixing philosophy at UCLA and working on records by the likes of bands like Braves, Adam has more time than ever to put his MM45s to the test.

"I’ve been working with these Barefoots, the MM45s, now for about a month, and really love the definition in the high mid-range," Moseley states. "The bottom end is great, it’s warm. I always love a lot of bottom end in my mixes. The hardest thing on most speakers is to get that definition in the mid-range, because that’s where you hear a lot of the reflections in your reverbs and a lot of the delays."

The beauty of the MM45 revolves around using the same signal path, amplifier and driver as Barefoot's flagship monitor, while stripping it back to basics. By doing so, Barefoot has designed a monitor that allows for the incredible resolution and definition that the brand has always been known for, but with a much more reasonable price tag.

"A lot of stuff happens in the high mids, and a lot of your reverbs, a lot of your spatials happen up there," Moseley continues. "That’s been one of my most enjoyable experiences with these speakers — I can really get my definition, get my placement, and hear back what I’m hearing in my head and actually make it happen."

Find out more about Adam Moseley's in-studio methods, his experience with Barefoot and what else he had to say about the MM45 by checking out the two videos below.