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  • Daedelus Enlightens Vintage King Los Angeles Crowd On Ableton Workflow


    Last week, we teamed up with Ableton, Cycling '74, the Beat Lab Academy and electronic musician Daedelus for an informational Q&A session at Vintage King Los Angeles. Offering insight into how a professional producer and musician uses Ableton gear in their workflow, Beat Lab's Yeuda Ben Atar (Side Brain) interviewed Daedelus about his creation process. Continue reading

  • Watch Vintage King's Meet The Maker Panels From 2015 Summer NAMM


    During 2015 Summer NAMM, Vintage King teamed up with NAMM for a series of panel discussions with some of the greatest audio gear makers on the planet. If you weren't able to make it to either panel, we have recorded both and posted them below. Read on to discover what makers were featured on each panel and listen to their insightful thoughts on their processes, technology and the pro audio industry. Continue reading

  • In-Store: Los Angeles [July Edition]


    It's been a busy summer so far at our Los Angeles location and we know that the rest of season is sure to follow suit. With tons of new products, staff members and more in tow, check out the latest In-Store: Los Angeles and discover what we have planned for July and August. Continue reading

  • Adam Moseley Champions Barefoot MM45s


    Barefoot Sound's latest creation, the MM45, has already made its way into the hands of many of the world's leading producers and engineers. One such studio vet that has taken to the MM45, which features the same technology as the MiniMain12, is none other than Adam Moseley. Continue reading

  • In-Store: Nashville [July Edition]


    With the big 2015 Summer NAMM weekend behind us, we're ready for the rest of July, which is packed with new events and gear for you to check out. Read on to discover what we have planned for the end of summer and, as always, stop by the store for yourself to discover what's new in Nashville! Continue reading

  • AudioQuest Offers Knowledge On Optimizing Your Computer For Audio


    If you’ve spent any amount of time or money creating a studio workflow that involves a computer, odds are that you are concerned with getting the best sound possible. However, despite your best attempts to customize your computer wiring and settings, you still maybe hindering your audio output. Enter AudioQuest. Continue reading

  • Jackson Ampworks Brings Impressive Amps To Vintage King


    Based out of a suburb of Fort Worth, Texas, Jackson Ampworks has been creating amazing amplifiers since going full-time in 2010. With a focus on crafting simple amps that sound impeccable, the small team of builders led by Brad Jackson have surpassed their goals of creating all-American-made products that feature signature sounds from both sides of the Atlantic. Continue reading

  • Vintage King's Inside Look At Universal Audio


    Even in an industry packed to the brim with ingenious makers, there are few that have had the lasting impact of Universal Audio's M.T. "Bill" Putnam Sr. Since finding his place in the studio as an engineer in his early years, Putnam transformed the way many listen, look and think during the recording process. Continue reading

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