Throughout the month of June, we've been hard at work planning a summer full of events and working on bringing new gear into our store. It's going to be a big summer in 2015! Find out what we've planned so far by reading the latest In-Store: Los Angeles.
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Unique Tones And Controls From Chase Bliss Created by the extremely talented Joel Korte, Chase Bliss Audio ups the ante with the mkII versions of the pedals that started it all out. For those unfamiliar, the Wombtone is an analog phaser that has a distinct vintage tone and allows guitar players to go out of the stratosphere with their sound. The brand's Warped Vinyl pedal achieves its namesake with its warm, wonky vinyl sound, but also features transparent vibrato and chorus. There have been some big changes made to the Wombtone and Warped Vinyl, Korte says, "I moved the dip switches from the bottom of the pedal to the side. I also added some bonus controls (tone for Warped Vinyl, mix for Wombtone), and expanded the midi functionality. There are now a total of 122 preset slots that can be recalled via MIDI." If you want to check out two of the most unique pedals on the market, make sure to come into the store and demo these creations from Chase Bliss Audio.
Retro Creates Old School Mic Pre The Retro Instruments OP-6 was released earlier this year, and despite the brand's recreation of an iconic classic, many are still left wondering the effect the preamp can have on sounds created in the studio. Thanks to experimenting with the OP-6 currently in our store, Alex Oana says that the preamp "blows up any microphone twice as big and wide and brings it forward, too. It's also a fantastic guitar and bass DI from clean to fuzz." Find out for yourself what the OP-6 can do by demoing the unit during your next trip to our store.
Training With The Best on Abelton's Live And Push We're excited to be hosting the Ableton and Ableton Los Angeles teams in our store on July 22nd for an exciting night of discussing the brand's software and hardware. Known for the incredible Live and Push, Ableton has been making innovative products since 1999 that improve workflow by allowing creators to use their hands. During the event, Ableton Certified Trainers will be offering production tips and tricks and showing off the latest version of Live 9. To attend this event, sign up here, and we'll see you on July 22nd at 6PM.
Vintage King And Burl Teams For Converter Demo Thank you to everyone who came out to our event at EastWest Studios a few weeks back and for checking out the Burl Audio B80 Mothership. We had a great time hanging out with the Burl crew and we were excited to give away one of their highly coveted 500 Series modules.
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When it comes to demoing gear in our store, Robert Alexander is the man you want helping you with anything from the latest DAW to a classic piece of analog equipment. His experience on both sides of the recording studio glass have allowed him to have an intimate knowledge of being an engineer and player. Here are some of Robert's favorite pieces of gear that are currently in the shop.
Wunder CM7 After doing countless shootouts, this one wins more than any individual mic. Classic vocal sound.
Suhr Bella Amplifier Excellent pedal platform. Combine this with a great pedal board and a huge amount of tonal variety can be achieved.
Meris 440 Mic Preamp  Amazing tool for recording guitars. Use FX pedals you already have in the mic pres FX loop instead of your amps and you get a much tighter focused sound.
Barefoot MM27 The most revealing speaker we sell. Get these if you want to hear what’s wrong with your mix. Every decision made in the studio comes down to accurate monitoring.
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