Our guitar pedal selection has been heating up with recent arrivals from some of our favorite manufacturers. New creations from Strymon, Keeley, JHS Pedals, Teletronix and Chase Bliss Audio run a wide gamut of sounds from organic overdrive to bubbly and phasered out.
Strymon Dig Unleashing the fury of two delays in one pedal onto your board, the Strymon Dig offers three distinct settings for interplay including series (fed into each other), parallel (stay independent) and ping pong (interact back and forth). This is the perfect pedal for achieving syncopated, pulsating patterns and spacey echo sounds in one simple stompbox.
Keeley DynaTrem Always wanted a tremolo that responds to the attack of your playing? Keeley's new DynaTrem gives you control with both the power of your picking and two pedal knobs, Rate and Depth. Set your desired sensitivity on the DynaTrem and experiment with your playing to discover different tremolo sounds, even adding in reverb via the Shape control.
JHS Pedals Unicorn Known for it's incredible phasing and rotary sounds, the Uni-Vibe has been responsible for some of the 1960s most classic riffs including Jimi Hendrix's "Machine Gun." JHS Pedals has retained the hallmarks of the circuit, including the photo cell topology and analog signal path, to bring this essential sound to a modern pedal.
Teletronix Mulholland Drive MK III Updating their Mulholland Drive pedal for the third time, Teletronix has changed the internal layout to ease battery changes and upgraded the output pot for smoother control. The pedal retains its impressive organic and low gain overdrive sound that has made pedal freaks love this box since its inception.
Chase Bliss Audio Warped Vinyl MKII If you happened to miss our two-part interview with Joel Korte of Chase Bliss Audio than you might not know about the release of the Warped Vinyl MKII. Improving on the pedal's initial version, the pedal gives massive amount of control over creating all different kinds of sound, predominately that of its namesake, warped vinyl.