Ableton has unleashed the latest update to their Live software and to celebrate Vintage King Los Angeles is teaming with the LA based crew to offer some unique insight into their gear. On July 22nd, we will be hosting a Q&A session with electronic music/producer Daedelus, led by Ableton Certified Trainer and music maker, Yeuda Ben-Atar (Side Brain). Signed to Flying Lotus-owned label, Brainfeeder, Daedelus is known for the innovative influences and sounds he brings to the realm of electronic music. Fielding questions about his workflow, this session will explore Daedelus’ custom-built approach to production and performance with a focus on unique sounds for the studio and stage. In terms of the updates made to Live 9.2, many are centered around timing issues, as there is lower latency and automation when using Ableton devices and third-party plug-ins. Also improved in Live 9.2 is the audio warping engine, downbeat detection and a new Warp Selection command that allows you to warp particular sections of music. The evolution of Live also features some unique functions that will directly impact Push 2, Ableton's controller. For the first time, Push users will be able to use all 64 pads to create drum parts with the option to quickly flip back to using 16 pads for sequencing purposes.