Set in a sprawling 19,000 sq ft. space, the SAE Institute of Chicago has garnered a reputation for developing the wave of audio producers. Whether students are interested in music creation, live audio engineering, studio ownership or beyond, SAE offers them the ability to see how it all works firsthand. "Each individual student is going to have a different vision for what they want to do post-graduation," says Grammy-winning engineer and instructor James Auwarter (Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco). "It's our job to prepare them for that." Imagine reading a book on mixing and then approaching a console for the first time. You might be able to hack away at the board, but in the end, you'll most likely be missing some of those essential elements that can make a classic record. This is where SAE Institute comes in. At the Chicago branch, one of 52 locations worldwide, teachers take students to a higher level of understanding audio by passing on their life experiences. After all, it's about getting your hands on gear and learning from Grammy-winning producers and engineers like SAE's Audio Technology Department Chair, Ricco Lumpkins. "I always tell my students, 'Yes, we have to teach you from a book, but I'm going to teach you from real life,'" states Lumpkins (TLC, Lauryn Hill). "When we sit down in front of the consoles, we say,'Yeah that's how they might have explained it there, but here's my tip and here's my trick.'" Thanks to our partnership with the SAE Institute, we recently toured the school's facilities and documented their unique teaching practices during live sessions. Watch the video below to get an in-depth lowdown on the amazing things happening at SAE and their work with Vintage King. Do you work for a school or institution? Let Vintage King help you prepare your students for the future. For more info on how Vintage King can help transform your learning institutions recording and mixing facilities, please feel free to contact our team of experts via phone at 888.653.1184 or by email.