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In-Store: Nashville [May Edition]


Welcome to the first edition of In-Store: Nashville, your source for what's going on at Vintage King, the one stop shop to fulfill all of your Music City recording needs. Read on to discover our hottest new arrivals, special sales, Staff Picks and other going-ons you may have missed out on in the store.


Two Telefunken Favorites Come To Nashville

Lots of exciting new gear has been flowing into Vintage King Nashville including two incredible microphones from Telefunken. The ELA M 251E is, without a doubt, one of the most impressive sounding mics to ever be created. Despite its status as a vintage rarity, Telefunken's latest version of the 251E is just as breathtaking. The brand's U47 is also a beautiful microphone that boasts amazing mid-range and low-end response.

VintageKing VintageKing1

The Pristine Sounds Of Amphion Loudspeakers

Vintage King recently began carrying a new line of monitors from Amphion Loudspeakers and they already have made their way to Nashville. This Finnish-based brand builds monitors that allow engineers and producers to make accurate split-second decisions in the studio. Set up and ready for you to hear in Nashville, you'll never question your ears again with Amphion.

What's New With Avid Pro Tools 12

In the world of software updates, Avid's Pro Tools 12 has been one of the hottest to hit the recording studio in 2015. For those who are curious what's different with the latest version of Pro Tools, we have the software up and running in the store. Feel free to come by and find out why updating your software will allow you to efficiently create more complicated mixes.

VintageKingNashville2 VintageKingNa

Avid S6 Looking For New Home

We're currently looking for good homes for two of our favorite console/control surfaces that have been lovingly maintained while under our roof. The Avid S6 is a fluid, intuitive control surface, which features 16 faders, five knobs per channel and two display modules. Whether paired with Pro Tools or any EUCON-enabled DAW, this surface is extremely easy to work on and allows you to move quickly back and forth between a number of different projects. In addition to the control surface, the package comes with a custom-made Sound Construction desk that was made for our storefront.

VintageKingNashville VintageKingNashville1

Stunning API Box Demo Deal

For those who want a "big console sound," but can't necessarily afford or fit a large desk in their studio, API Audio's The Box is the answer. Featuring mic preamps, a mix bus, input signal processing, monitor control and more, The Box does what most DAWS can't do. Our Box demo deal package also includes Sound Construction's custom-made furniture for the console.


With a background that includes working as a Staff Engineer at Masterfonics, manning sessions for King Crimson and Sheryl Crow, Chad Evans has been an essential element of the Vintage King Nashville family since the store opened. For the first In-Store: Nashville, it felt more than appropriate to ask Chad to handle the Staff Picks section. Here are Chad's five favorite items currently in the store:


Undertone Audio MPEQ-1

"The most flexible preamp/EQ in the shop. Super musical Class A circuitry with custom input transformers and output transformers that can also operate transformer-less. Coupled with the most insane equalizer known to man, it’s like a software plug-in in hardware form that you can use to sculpt sounds to no limit."


PMC twotwo.8

"The largest of PMC’s twotwo Series is a very articulate speaker with tons of energy and punch that translates perfectly. It has both low and high shelf EQ’s to adjust to your setting and built-in networking capabilities, so you can add the twotwo sub down the road and build a full range system, complete with bass management."


Standard Audio Stretch 500 Series Module

"The Stretch is a "more better" box. Whatever we run through it, it gets better. Vocals, bass, stereo mixes are all better with the Stretch!"


Mesanovic Model 2 Ribbon Mic

"This handbuilt ribbon mic from Detroit has been killing our EQ sales since it is voiced so well. Where our customers usually need to boost some high frequencies on their usual faves, the Mesanovic just sounds perfect right from the source. Smooth with presence."


Vintage King Nashville Helps Local Engineers

A small crew from our store, including Chad Evans, Josh Gleave and Tom Menrath, recently headed out to Harpeth Hills in Nashville for a day of golfing at the Audio Masters Golf Tournament. Benefiting the Nashville Engineer Relief Fund, an organization which helps engineers receive insurance, the Vintage King crew golfed a little and cooked up some BBQ for the rest of the golfers.


farroband bradbecker_ loveismygunn

For the latest up-to-date information on what's happening in our Nashville location, including new arrivals, specials and customer pictures, follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to use #VintageKingNashville and we may share your photo on one of our accounts. Thanks to Brad Becker, Josh Farro of Farro and LC Gunn for the awesome in-store shots seen above.


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