Welcome to the inaugural edition of In-Store: Los Angeles, a monthly blog that will keep you up on the latest happenings at Vintage King Los Angeles. Discover what's going on in LA with a look at some of our latest arrivals, unique sales, Staff Picks and upcoming events featuring the world's greatest pro audio gear.



One-Of-A-Kind Guitars From Rock 'N' Roll Relics

The guitar racks at Vintage King Los Angeles have been filling up with amazing gear from some of the best custom makers in the business. Made by Billy Rowe from Rock 'N' Roll Relics, the Blackmore is an outstanding hand-built guitar that finds its inspiration in the Strat used by its namesake, Ritchie Blackmore, in Deep Purple and Rainbow. The LA T-Bastard created by Rowe takes the standard Tele-shape and hi-jacks it with hot D.Allen pickups and a Bigsby vibrato tail piece.

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Powerful Amps Of All Sizes From Suhr

In the world of amplifiers, some of the most exceptional sounds at Vintage King Los Angeles are being created by products from Suhr Guitars. The Lake Elsinore, California-based company has rolled out three new amplifiers that have made it to our store including the Corso, the Bella and the PT-100.

The Corso is an essential 5-Watt recording amp that will unleash tube fury in a studio of any size, while the American-voiced Bella acts as the perfect base for pedal work. Suhr's PT-100 is a signature model for none other than guitar hero Pete Thorn, who has helped design this slick three-channel 100-Watt amp head.

Want to check out any of these guitars, amps or a wide array of pro audio gear? Contact us to set up a demo time and you'll be able to try out anything in our collection of studio and live sound equipment.


Vintage King And Burl Audio Team For Listening Event

Burl Audio’s masterful blending of digital and analog technology has never shined brighter than with the creation of the B80 Mothership. To show off the power of this multi-channel converter chassis, Burl’s Rich Williams and Will Kahn will be our special guests at a unique event on June 5th in Los Angeles.

Taking place at EastWest Studios, Rich and Will will be doing a head-to-head comparison of the Mothership and Avid HD I/O. The duo will also be giving away a few Burl B1 and B1D mic pres, as well as offering $250 off the purchase of a Mothership. If you'd like to join us, please register here.


Experts Offer Production Advice For Songwriters

The ASCAP "I Create Music" Expo has become a staple event in the music community, offering songwriters a well-needed resource for advancing their craft. The Vintage King Los Angeles team, including Jeffrey Ehrenberg and Chris Bolitho, helped put together a Q&A session featuring famed producers/engineers Rob Chiarelli and Michael James. With a strong focus on producing tracks and how songwriters can better their demos, Chiarelli and James outlined some secrets of the trade that could potentially create stronger representations of a song.


Vintage King Los Angeles Sales Team Member Alex Oana has a passion for gear that surpasses the title of "studio savant" and even ventures into the design territory. From his experiences as a freelance engineer to developing Slate Audio's Raven MTX, Alex brings an expert level of studio knowledge to our staff. For the first edition of In-Store: Los Angeles, we asked Alex to contribute five of his favorite in-store items to our Staff Picks section.


Retro Instruments OP-6
Blows up any microphone twice as big and wide and brings it forward, too. It's also a fantastic guitar and bass DI from clean to fuzz.

Telefunken AR-51
Sounds amazing on almost everyone and everything for under $2k. Gives the $9k Telefunken 251 a run for the money.

Wunder CM7
If a vintage U47 is out of reach, this is the one that will satisfy. There’s just something special about the Wunder.

Crane Song Falcon
Unique in the world of 500 Series, this compressor doesn’t just compress – It makes things sound better.

The perfect balance of accuracy and listening pleasure. You will do great work on these speakers and enjoy every second of it.

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