Vintage King and Joe Barresi, the producer/engineer behind classic records like Queens of the Stone Age's self-titled debut, Weezer's Pinkerton, Tool's 10,000 Days and many more, are inviting you to take part in the Friday Night Music Club. What's the FNMC all about? We'll let Joe explain. "There was [once] a day when we worked at studios and just walking down the hallway meeting new people, hearing music come from another room, was inspirational and beneficial in many ways," Barresi states. "Fast forward a few years and most of us are now working in our own places. The contact with other professionals, hell sometimes with other humans, has been greatly reduced." Serving the purpose of removing engineers from their own environment, the Friday Night Music Club is set to take place on May 29th at Megawatt Recording Studios in Valley Village, California. Hosted by Joe Barresi and studio owner Jeff Sheehan, this Pro Sound Workshop event rebrands Joe's Sunday Night Music Club into the Friday Night Music Club and gives audio creators a chance to mingle, see some new products and have a cocktail or two.
"Why not have a little 'mixer?'" says Barresi. "Invite some friends to hang out in a cool place and try to bring back that feeling of camaraderie, forge new relationships and maybe even get inspired to do better work?" In terms of gear to be inspired by, the Little LabsRivera and A-Designs crews will be at Megawatt to show off their latest audio equipment. Founded by Jonathan Little, Little Labs has become known for building creative solutions to audio problems of all sorts. Their latest, the Pepper, is a great DI, blender and re-amping tool. Rivera has been in the business of building high-quality amps since 1976. Their creative line has recently expanded to include cab sims and attenuators like the RockCrusher Recording. For those unfamiliar with A-Designs, they are the creative minds behind one of the most popular DI boxes, the REDDI, the HM2EQ Hammer and the HM2 Compressor Nail.

With this combination of gear from Little Labs, Rivera and A-Designs, in his hands, Joe Barresi will also be talking about how to record guitars during the Friday Night Music Club. Known for his masterful control of tone and choices when it comes to selecting amps, Barresi will give insight his process, as heard on essential albums like Melvins’ Stoner Witch, Kyuss’ Welcome To Sky Valley and Fu Manchu’s The Action Is Go.