In the world of 1073 reproductions, few have come as close as BAE Audio when attempting to create a true-to-form replica of the famous EQ module. The English-based brand's 1073MP, a mic pre version of the original, has become one of the most popular models and comes as close to the original with today's modern parts.

With the forward moving trend of bringing larger rack mount gear down to the 500 Series size, BAE has granted the wish of audio gear lovers around the world by creating a new 1073 module. The 1073MPL features the same Class A sound, impressive mids and rich low end that is trademark of the original piece of equipment.

Even with the pared-down size, BAE has been committed to offering the same signature sound while including a few extra features. The module features line level capability, along with a high impedance DI for instruments like guitar and synth. Still intact from the original module are the same design and wiring, Carnhill St Ives transformers and the infamous Marconi knobs.

Never heard the original 1073MP module or just want a refresher of the great sounds it can provide? Check out this video from BAE Audio and get a sense of all that the 1073MP and 1073MPL can do.