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  • In-Store: Los Angeles [May Edition]


    Welcome to the inaugural edition of In-Store: Los Angeles, a monthly blog that will keep you up on the latest happenings at Vintage King Los Angeles. Discover what's going on in LA with a look at some of our latest arrivals, unique sales, Staff Picks and upcoming events featuring the world's greatest pro audio gear. Continue reading

  • Joel Korte Runs Down A Dream With Chase Bliss Pt. 2


    In the Part I of our interview with Chase Bliss Audio founder Joel Korte, the pedal maker talked about picking up his first guitar, the unfortunate loss of his brother and the inspiration it provided for launching his brand. Opting to follow his dreams, as his brother did, Korte has since created two outstanding pedals for all the world to hear, the Wombtone and Warped Vinyl. Continue reading

  • Joel Korte Runs Down A Dream With Chase Bliss Pt. 1


    The perseverance needed to follow your dreams doesn't necessarily come easy, no matter your mental make-up. For Chase Bliss Audio owner Joel Korte, it took a personal tragedy to transform his life and lead him down the alternate path of starting his pedal company. Continue reading

  • In-Store: Nashville [May Edition]


    Welcome to the first edition of In-Store: Nashville, your source for what's going on at Vintage King, the one stop shop to fulfill all of your Music City recording needs. Read on to discover our hottest new arrivals, special sales, Staff Picks and other going-ons you may have missed out on in the store. Continue reading

  • Solid State Logic Brings LMC+ To The 500 Series Format


    Thought of as the secret weapon of many producers in the 1980s, the Solid State Logic's Listen Mic Compressor from the SL 4000E console was originally used to stop overloading on talkback mics. Most famously utilized by Hugh Padgham for Phil Collin's "In The Air Tonight," the processor became famous for giving a distinct, aggressive tone that became one of the most famous drums sounds of all time. Continue reading

  • SAE Institute Chicago: Shaping The Next Generation Of Audio Specialists


    Set in a sprawling 19,000 sq ft. space, the SAE Institute of Chicago has garnered a reputation for developing the wave of audio producers. Whether students are interested in music creation, live audio engineering, studio ownership or beyond, SAE offers them the ability to see how it all works firsthand. Continue reading

  • Talking Tape With Chris Mara Of Mara Machines Pt. 2


    Thanks to a few television series that show complete restoration jobs in convenient half-hour episodes, many might think that bringing a tape machine back to life isn't complicated. For Chris Mara of Mara Machines, the act itself may not always be easy, but the reward of giving life to 50+ tape machines yearly makes it all worthwhile. Continue reading

  • BAE Audio Brings 500 Series Version Of 1073MP To Life


    In the world of 1073 reproductions, few have come as close as BAE Audio when attempting to create a true-to-form replica of the famous EQ module. The English-based brand's 1073MP, a mic pre version of the original, has become one of the most popular models and comes as close to the original with today's modern parts.

    With the forward moving trend of bringing larger rack mount gear down to the 500 Series size, BAE has granted the wish of audio gear lovers around the world by creating a new 1073 module. The 1073MPL features the same Class A sound, impressive mids and rich low end that is trademark of the original piece of equipment. Continue reading

  • Joe Barresi's Friday Night Music Club Comes To MegaWatt Recording


    Vintage King and Joe Barresi, the producer/engineer behind classic records like Queens of the Stone Age's self-titled debut, Weezer's Pinkerton, Tool's 10,000 Days and many more, are inviting you to take part in the Friday Night Music Club. What's the FNMC all about? We'll let Joe explain. Continue reading

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