Trinnov Audio, one of the world leaders in helping create quality audio options, has once again brought more unique abilities to studios looking to utilize monitor processors. The company's latest tool, the D-Mon 8 VO, allows users even more advanced monitor control options with any type of studio workflow. Whether you use analog, control surfaces or a DAW, you'll be able to seamlessly control your monitor set-up in a way like never before.

As one of the world’s finest monitor controllers, the D-Mon 8 VO supports multiple sources and speakers, allowing you you to effortlessly switch between them. Outfitted with 16 digital inputs, 8 analog lines and the ability to attach an 8-channel digital processor, sound engineers will have full control over everything from aux sends and stems to cues and talk back.

Thanks to a new partnership with Avid, the D-Mon 8 VO features Eucon control and can be a drop-in enhanced replacement for remote monitor controllers like the Avid X-Mon. Perfect for working with Avid's S6, S5, S3, D-Control and D-Command, the monitor controller will fit right into your workflow. However, even if you aren't using a DAW or console, you can use the D-Mon 8 VO as a stand-alone unit that can be controlled with a screen, mouse and keyboard set-up.

The D-Mon 8 VO also includes the same room correction features that many have come to know and love when using gear from Trinnov. Thanks to unique 3D measurement microphones, room equalization, room tuning, target curve and more, system owners can establish that what they are hearing is the way that it will sound in the proper sized room. These settings can also be saved and will be readily available when working on different mixes for music, film and TV production.

Another way the Trinnov D-Mon 8 VO can become indispensable to your studio is through it's loudness metering capabilities. With metering for surround, phase and spectral, the D-Mon 8 VO can accurately measure and log loudness, giving you and everyone in the distribution chain, reliable information about levels.

Want to know more about the D-Mon 8 VO and see a demonstration of Trinnov's technology at work? Check out the videos below to get the whole scoop on this amazing monitor controller.