Vintage King's constant search for incredible vintage consoles has taken our team around the world and back. With a goal of preserving and restoring these defining pieces of audio history, we've never shyed away from any console that we've been able to find. Sometimes... They even come to us.

Such was the case with Matt Grondin, a second generation studio owner who recently opened his own facilities in New Orleans called The Parlor Recording Studio. After purchasing a Neve 8078 and witnessing a Vintage King console restoration firsthand, Grondin approached the company about tackling his recent purchase.

As usual, Vintage King's Tech Shop console team, featuring Rich Hunt and Jeff Spatafora, were up to the task of a complete renovation. The overhaul on the Neve included cleaning out wire looms, silk screening EQ panels, recapping power supplies and essentially going over everything that needed to be touched.

For the first time, Vintage King is opening the door to our tech shop and showing an exclusive inside peak at the console restoration process. From rebuilding modules to the completed desk's installation at The Parlor, our new video featured below will allow you to hear from the techs, sales crew and Matt Grondin about the journey of this beautiful Neve 8078.

Jeff Leibovich

If you have a console that needs a tune-up or even a complete overhaul, Vintage King is here to help. Contact a Vintage King Audio Consultant via email or by phone at 866.644.0160.