Most people remember playing with their first child-size recorder, but Steve Lehane envisioned something different when using his simple plastic mic and tape set-up. It makes sense, as the conventional way of doing things has never fit quite right for Steve. By smashing the microphone into the grate of his bass amp so that it would stay, Lehane's first recordings with his Fisher Price imbibe a spirit that he has continued to follow throughout his career at Rustbelt Studios. As an engineer, producer and mixer at the Michigan-based studio, this path of experimentation and doing things that seem wrong have resulted in great recordings. "You're the one who overdrives a preamp, you're the one that does something that doesn't make sense, something technically you shouldn't do," states Lehane, who has worked with The Black Dahlia Murder and Uncle Kracker. "That's why I like recording... I can make that mine." Rustbelt Studio's immaculate set-up features a wide variety of vintage gear, digital software and in-house made creations. Following in the footsteps of mentor and studio owner Al Sutton, Steve has used these facilities as his training ground, moving up from intern to his current position. “Awhile ago I ditched the idea of trying to compete with anyone else, in particular with other producers, engineers or other studios,” Lehan says of the methodology he has developed. “Why should I care what they are doing? One thing doesn’t work for everybody... I am who I am.” Hear more of Steve's story by checking out Vintage King's latest video feature below and then head to our Make Your Mark page to get an exclusive look at other creators and studios.