Jonathan Little of Little Labs pulls no punches when talking about one of his latest creations, the Pepper. "It's an all-in-one-box solution," Little says. "It's meant to connect your pro gear with your guitar gear, your pedals, your mic pres and your DAW. It's meant to tie everything together." Released in 2013, Little Labs' Pepper is the end product of a vision that revolved around solving connectivity issues in the studio and live setting. Need something that can handle re-amping and instrument blending, that is also an extremely well-designed DI box? The Pepper handles all with a deft hand and accurately ensures that the sounds you hear are what makes it onto your recordings and to ear everywhere. "Some people will say, 'It's a re-amping box.' It is a re-amping box, but it's also a DI box and a guitar level to pro level converter. It's all of these things," Little states. "You can have it sitting in your studio with your guitar amp, plug all your pedals into it. You can plug in at two points on your patch bay, you can patch any pro gear into it. You can listen to your whole system through your guitar amp, so when you playback your DAW, you know it will sound identical to the way you put it down."
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When using the Pepper for a live show, it's incredibly easy to integrate the box into your rig and control a plethora of pedals and pro gear at one time. "For live use, a lot of guitar players will have a couple pedals they use all the time, but they will have a whole pedal board with a ton of pedals they only use once in a while," Little says of the typical live set-up for guitar. "With that in mind, they can have that pedal board completely out of the equation, there is a hard bypass on the Pepper, which also has two foot switch controls that controls the pro gear inserts." Fans of the Red Eye 3D Phantom from Little Labs will enjoy the Pepper, as the unit takes on many of the qualities of the basic re-amp box/DI box and expands on it exponentially. Utilizing analog circuitry, vintage UTC-style  transformers, an adjustable instrument input impedance, active line level transformerless DI and active transformer mic level DI, the Pepper will become an essential tool in your arsenal of gear. "I wanted to make an advanced version of the Red Eye where you didn't need a mic pre, but you could also interface pedals in. You can patch in a 1176 or Pultec before your amp even," Little states. "It's just an easier way of patching everything in." Want to find out more about how the Little Labs Pepper works? Watch the videos below and let Jonathan Little show you just how connected you can be with the Pepper.