Throughout the past year, Vintage King has continued its global expansion, spreading into new corners of the world with a forever growing stock of the best pro audio gear. As the company has continued to progress externally, so has Vintage King's need for internal growth, resulting in the hiring of a brand new Sales Manager, Dan Scalpone. With over a decade of experience at Guitar Center, Scalpone has worked in nearly every facet of the pro audio industry. As a composer, recording artist, engineer and studio owner of 18 years, this audio veteran has a plethora of knowledge to bring to the table at Vintage King. "I've had experience working within the industry, in a management role and doing business development and certainly there's a lot of opportunity with Vintage King," Scalpone says. Taking over the position of Sales Manager, previously held by Vintage King co-owner Mike Nehra, allows Scalpone to open up the company's sale team to new opportunities. When asked about his plans for Vintage King, Scalpone intends to start "by building on my background and giving [the Sales Department] some new, fresh perspectives on what they’re doing and also helping the company grow." Vintage King's reputation has always been built on the back of starting new relationships with creators and fostering the capabilities of their studio space. Scalpone sees this as a strength of the company and looks to continue building out the connection between engineers, producers, studio owners and more. "Certainly not everybody can fly to different showrooms and meet people in person, but that's the best way," Scalpone says of Vintage King's personal touch. "Face to face is always the best way to interact and build those relationships."