As one of the most popular 500 Series modules since the inception of the format, the Chandler Limited TG2-500 holds a special place in the hearts of engineers and producers everywhere. This modern day classic condenses down the sound of the EMI TG12428, a preamp made famous by its use at Abbey Road Studios, and turns into a Lunchbox-ready unit that delivers premium warmth and punch.

In an era where many products tout the claim of giving recordings warmth, Chandler Limited has truly created a piece of gear that achieves the proper amount while also offering an expanded top end. Featuring the same coarse and fine gain controls found on the original EMI consoles, along with identical circuits, transistors and transformers, the TG2-500 is an essential choice for your studio. After all, this is the gear used to create masterpieces like Abbey Road and Dark Side Of The Moon.

While the internal makeup of any gear is critical to knowing what it will add to your studio, it's often easier to hear the difference for yourself through sound samples. With this in mind, Chandler Limited has recorded a new song using the TG2-500 on every single instrument during the tracking process. Check out the complete song in the video below and individual instrumental tracks on the Soundcloud player.

Vintage King's own Pete Thorn took the TG2-500 for a spin in 2014 and showed off some of the unique sounds that can be made with the module.