The 1073 from AMS Neve has always been known for its punchy and warm sound. Used for over 40 years in the recording industry, the preamp has transcended genre and brought the Neve sound via its 3-band EQ design to a whole host of records. While AMS Neve has created several different versions of the 1073, including the DPA, DPD, LB and LBEQ, the brand is changing the game with their latest model, the 1073DPX. Using the same circuitry, output transformers and inputs as the original, the new 1073DPX is a dual mic preamp/EQ unit that adds extra convenience during the recording process. Stuffed into a 2U 19" rack mount, the 1073DPX uses exclusive Neve Marinair transformers on both the input and output stages. Built with a wide range of connectivity options including mic, line and DI inputs, AMS Neve has also added phantom power, level meters, headphone monitoring and selectable insert to their latest model of the 1073.
What can pro audio lovers expect from the new 1073DPX? The unit brings the classic Neve warmth, depth and atmosphere to any and all recordings, thanks to the EQ design and switchable bands with cut/boost capability. If you've always wanted the Neve sound and added convenience of modern features in a two preamp unit, the 1073DPX is a perfect addition for your studio space. Later in 2015, AMS Neve will introduce the option for a digital I/O card to be retro-fitted with any 1073DPX unit. Vintage King is already stocked with the latest AMS Neve unit, so head to our 1073DPX page and find out how you can bring one home today.