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  • Vintage King Welcomes Dan Scalpone As New Sales Manager


    Throughout the past year, Vintage King has continued its global expansion, spreading into new corners of the world with a forever growing stock of the best pro audio gear. As the company has continued to progress externally, so has Vintage King's need for internal growth, resulting in the hiring of a brand new Sales Manager, Dan Scalpone. Continue reading

  • Ross Hogarth Talks Hybrid Mixing At Vintage King Nashville


    When it comes to the art of hybrid mixing, few are capable of blending analog and digital technology better than Ross Hogarth. With a deep discography of credits that runs the gamut of genre and artists, Hogarth has helped contribute to the evolution of recording and mixing techniques over several decades. Now the famed engineer, mixer and producer is coming to Vintage King Nashville to share his tricks and tips on using the best gear from both worlds. Continue reading

  • Avid Pro Tools 12 Available Now At Vintage King


    Back in January, Avid announced the imminent release of Pro Tools 12, which offers customers the opportunity to purchase the latest version of the audio production platform in a subscription format for the first time. Giving instant access to the latest software upgrades, updates and support, Pro Tools 12 is once again changing how audio experts handle their creation process and workflow.

    Avid has released Pro Tools 12 today and Vintage King has the new software for you to purchase. We also have the answers to many questions you may have about which version you will need for your system. Whether you're already a Pro Tools user, need to upgrade or are completely new to the software, read on to discover how you can bring home the latest version today. Continue reading

  • Make Your Mark With Steve Lehane Of Rustbelt Studios


    Most people remember playing with their first child-size recorder, but Steve Lehane envisioned something different when using his simple plastic mic and tape set-up. It makes sense, as the conventional way of doing things has never fit quite right for Steve. Continue reading

  • Pensado Capital Jam Invades Washington D.C.


    Dave Pensado and Herb Trawick are taking their wildly successful weekly show, Pensado's Place, on the road for an exciting event of epic proportions. Invading America's capital, Washington D.C., the duo is bringing together a panel discussion that will feature some of the pro audio industry's hottest experts on engineering, mixing and mastering. Continue reading

  • Little Labs Pepper Provides Seamless Connectivity


    Jonathan Little of Little Labs pulls no punches when talking about one of his latest creations, the Pepper. "It's an all-in-one-box solution," Little says. "It's meant to connect your pro gear with your guitar gear, your pedals, your mic pres and your DAW. It's meant to tie everything together." Continue reading

  • Meet The Maker Goes Big At NAMM 2015


    Back in January, Vintage King presented a panel discussion dubbed "Meet The Maker" at NAMM 2015. Featuring some of the best and brightest in the world of pro audio gear like EveAnna Manley of Manley Labs, Steven Slate from Slate Pro Audio and Slate Digital, Thomas Barefoot of Barefoot Sound and Peter Reardon of Shadow Hills Industries, the conversation lead by producer/engineer Jack Joseph Puig was extremely engaging. Continue reading

  • Chandler Limited Shows Off The Sounds Of The TG2-500


    As one of the most popular 500 Series modules since the inception of the format, the Chandler Limited TG2-500 holds a special place in the hearts of engineers and producers everywhere. This modern day classic condenses down the sound of the EMI TG12428, a preamp made famous by its use at Abbey Road Studios, and turns into a Lunchbox-ready unit that delivers premium warmth and punch. Continue reading

  • AMS Neve Introduces 1073DPX Dual Preamp

    The 1073 from AMS Neve has always been known for its punchy and warm sound. Used for over 40 years in the recording industry, the preamp has transcended genre and brought the Neve sound via its 3-band EQ design to a whole host of records.

    While AMS Neve has created several different versions of the 1073, including the DPA, DPD, LB and LBEQ, the brand is changing the game with their latest model, the 1073DPX. Using the same circuitry, output transformers and inputs as the original, the new 1073DPX is a dual mic preamp/EQ unit that adds extra convenience during the recording process. Continue reading

  • Vintage King Teams With Audio Alchemist For San Francisco Demo Events

    Vintage King and Audio Alchemist are invading San Francisco for the Game Developer Conference 2015 this week and bringing along some of the best gear in the world. With three exclusive events planned at several amazing recording studios throughout San Francisco, this opportunity will afford video game creators, producers, engineers and more, a chance to check out the latest equipment from some of today's leaders in audio. Continue reading

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