As a second-generation studio owner, Matt Grondin was raised in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, where his family opened their recording space in 1999. Getting a firsthand education at the age of 16, the young musician grasped onto what made the studio such a special place. "There is something about the studio and its limitless possibilities of being able to just dial in whatever sounds you want or experiment till you find the right sound," Grondin states. Nearly 16 years later, Grondin has opened his own studio in New Orleans, The Parlor Recording Studio, which is an essential mix of classic analog equipment and today's hottest gear. Centered around a beautiful Neve 8078 that was serviced by Vintage King's Tech Shop crew, The Parlor is a studio that has as much vibe as it does potential for recording great records. "It's important to see people really happy and fulfilled to hear their record played back in these great spaces," Grondin says reflecting on his own experiences at The Parlor and his inspiration, Blackbird Studio. "I think it's going to make me feel like I provided a service." In the latest addition to our Make Your Mark series, Matt Grondin introduces the public to The Parlor Recording Studio for the very first time. Hear more about Matt's studio life, his experience with Vintage King and get an exclusive tour of the studio below.