Focusrite has always been known for their dedication to pristine sound and with the advancement of audio interfaces and connectivity, their concerns have also shifted towards increasing speed. With that in mind, the design team at the United Kingdom-based company have introduced a new line of Thunderbolt interfaces, the Clarett.

Boasting "the best-sounding, fastest Thunderbolt interfaces," Focusrite's Clarett brings together the brand's vision of quality and timely audio. Featuring amazing conversion abilities, incredible latency under 1ms and brand new transformer-modeled preamps, this new series of audio interfaces allows users to monitor and track without any noticeable delay.

FocusriteClarettb FocusriteClarettA

No matter the level of your studio needs, this new line of audio interfaces from Focusrite will fit perfectly. With four different models providing a wealth of connectivity options, Focusrite has created the Clarett 2Pre, Clarett 4Pre, Clarett 8Pre and Clarett 8PreX. As the smallest unit, the Clarett 2Pre offers 10 inputs/4 outputs with a single headphone output. Meanwhile, the Clarett 8PreX gives you even more with 26 inputs and 28 outputs.

Each of the Clarett Thunderbolt interfaces includes the Focusrite's new preamp, which features two brilliant options for a wider range of sounds. The Clarett preamp is built to be extremely quiet and capture crystal clear audio. However, the Clarett also features an "Air Button," which when engaged offers the impedance and transformer resonance of the much-loved Focusrite ISA preamp. Whether you prefer recordings with a tight, clean sound or something that has lift and body, these new interfaces will bring both to your studio.

FocusriteClarettC FocusriteClarettD

In addition to the preamps included on all four models, these units are compatible with the new Red 2 and Red 3 plug-in suites. As completely accurate models of the Red 2 EQ and Red 3 compressor, you'll now be able to recreate your favorite sounds and settings from anywhere. Each Clarett also features 64-Bit AAX, AU, and VST compatibility, offering Focusrite Clarett users the ability to use their gear for the first time with Pro Tools 10 and beyond.

Check out a preview of the full Focusrite Clarett range from Sound on Sound below and then get more info on each interface (Clarett 2Pre, Clarett 4Pre, Clarett 8Pre and Clarett 8PreX) on our site.