Last week on the Vintage King blog, we talked about some of the best fuzz pedals under $200. For those looking for something different, both in terms of price range and tone, we've created another list of five of our favorite fuzzes under $400. The numbers on the tag might be a little higher, but these pedals are capable of getting some serious sounds that make them worthy of being by your side in the fight against bland guitar tones.
Jext Telez Dizzy Tone While the original Dizzy Tone was created by a Swedish organ company, the rare pedal has now been taken up by builder Bob Ebeling and his brand, Jext Telez. His take on the Dizzy Tone makes this classic fuzz available to a new generation of guitar players who crave heavy tones to riff with. Thanks to Bob's work, the modern version is perfect for kicking out the jams both live and in the studio.
ThroBak Electronics Stone Bender Fuzz Based on the legendary three-geranium transistor Sola Sound Tone Bender MKII, the Stone Bender MKII Pro is the perfect pedal for 60s fuzz minded freaks. Whether you want lead, rhythm, fuzzy overdriven huge or thin sounds, the minds at ThroBak Electronics have outfitted this pedal with some unique features including an internally adjustable transistor bias pot, externally switchable pre gain control with internal pot and a VK exclusive Tone Color Switch.
JHS Pedals Colour Box Always wanted to get the guitar tone of Motown and The Beatles? Slightly fuzzed out with some warmth? It's achievable with the Colour Box from JHS Pedals, which essentially recreates the sound of plugging straight into a Neve console. This pedal is a perfect addition to any pedal board and is also amazing on keyboard, acoustic guitar and microphone.
Chandler Limited Germanium Drive Pedal Forget the germanium pedals you've used in the past with excess fat in their tonal offerings. Chandler Limited has slimmed down that sound leaving only brightly colored fuzz on their Germanium Drive. Whether you're looking for an extreme edge or something simple and slightly fuzzy, this pedal can do it all.
Union Tube & Transistor Sone Bender Finding their inspiration from Dunlop's Fuzz Face and Sola Sound's Tone Bender, East Vancouver-based Union Tube & Transistor created a pedal replete with masterclass 1960s fuzz. The Sone Bender's spin on the classic fuzz pedal is that it amps up the tone with an additional 20 db of gain, but is still capable of offering a cleaner sound.