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  • Waves Creates Vintage-Styled dbx 160 Plug-in


    Known for its landmark compression, lack of distortion and a signature sound all its own, the dbx 160 compressor/limiter has been an essential element in the studio since its birth in 1971. By teaming with dbx to authentically recreate the compressor in plug-in form, Waves Audio has now made this classic piece of studio gear available to producers and engineers all over the world. Continue reading

  • Focusrite Introduces New Thunderbolt Interfaces


    Focusrite has always been known for their dedication to pristine sound and with the advancement of audio interfaces and connectivity, their concerns have also shifted towards increasing speed. With that in mind, the design team at the United Kingdom-based company have introduced a new line of Thunderbolt interfaces, the Clarett. Continue reading

  • Make Your Mark With Matt Grondin Of The Parlor Recording Studio

    As a second-generation studio owner, Matt Grondin was raised in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, where his family opened their recording space in 1999. Getting a firsthand education at the age of 16, the young musician grasped onto what made the studio such a special place. Continue reading

  • Supro Is Back With New Line Of Vintage-Styled Amps


    With a name that is synonymous with the Chicago blues scene of the 1930s and the world of rock music in the late 1960s, Supro has always been known for creating amplifiers that offer a depth of grit that can be aptly applied to any genre of music. Thanks to a revitalization effort, the Supro line is back with four new amps that pick up right where the brand left off. Continue reading

  • The Best Fuzz Pedals For Under $400

    Last week on the Vintage King blog, we talked about some of the best fuzz pedals under $200. For those looking for something different, both in terms of price range and tone, we've created another list of five of our favorite fuzzes under $400. The numbers on the tag might be a little higher, but these pedals are capable of getting some serious sounds that make them worthy of being by your side in the fight against bland guitar tones. Continue reading
  • Vintage King Clients Win Big At 2015 Grammy Awards


    With another ceremony in the books in the world of the Grammys, the annual music industry celebration has once again honored the best albums, songs and production of the last year. Vintage King is extremely excited to say that our clients were awarded Grammys in 14 categories including Album of the Year (Beck's Morning Phase) and Song of the Year (Sam Smith's "Stay With Me (Darkchild Version)"). Continue reading

  • The Best Fuzz Pedals For Under $200

    From destroying speakers with ice picks to the earliest stompboxes, music makers since the late 1950s and early 1960s have always been obsessed with things that could add dirt to their sound. Following in the well-laid tracks of predecessors like Link Wray and The Sonics, the legacy continues on through the more-than-capable hands of the creators of the best fuzz pedals around today.

    While the options for effects are nearly limitless, finding the best fuzz pedals for your sound is all about knowing want you want to achieve and your budget. For those looking for a boutique pedal under $200, Vintage King has brought together some of our favorite fuzzes whose hefty price tags are non-existent. Let your tone and wallet both remain heavy with these great pedal board additions! Continue reading

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