With a simple mission in mind, Shure Microphones is giving their fans a 75th anniversary gift of epic proportions. While the Chicago-based company's history dates back to 1925, the big celebration is in honor the brand's famous 55 Unidyne microphone. "What we wanted to do was bring out something for people who adore this microphone," says Shure's Michael Petterson.

The result is the ultra-exclusive Shure 5575LE Unidyne, which captures the majestic beauty of the 55 and updates the microphone's cartridge for modern use. Primarily known for use on live broadcasts, speeches and in the studio, the Unidyne has been given a sonic upgrade for the world of podcasts and beyond.

"We had not made the fat boy version of this since the 1950s and a lot of people just like that larger image," Petterson states. "It is an upgraded cartridge. The original Unidyne sounds pretty great, but this is an element based on the SM58 cartridge. It updates the acoustic aspect of it, while keeping the design aspects."

Introduced in 1940, the Unidyne Model 55 was the creation of a 25-year-old engineer named Ben Bauer. The upgraded 5575LE follows the legacy of the original microphone with beautiful details like the birdcage grille, vintage badging and uniquely designed retro mic stand.

shure_5575le (2)
"We really did our research," Petterson says of creating the new Shure 5575LE. "Fortunately, we had a lot of great examples in the archives, so we could measure everything. We had some of the original drawings too, which allowed us to recreate this."

To add to the allure of these beautiful microphones, Shure has only created 5575 of the newly updated versions of the 55 Unidyne. Packaged inside of an impressive aluminum flight case, these limited edition mics come with a Certificate of Authenticity, a full color print of the new model and a handsome black and white photo of the original 55 Unidyne.

Whether you are a looking for an amazing microphone, love all things vintage or are just a Shure fanatic, the 5575LE is a must-have for those who love unique pieces of audio history. In the words of Petterson himself, "If I were your fans, I'd get one now because they won't last long."

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