As Jaron Luksa walked through the halls of the Berklee College of Music and peered through the doors of Studio A, he saw the desk that he would soon purchase for his own studio, The Rattle Room. "I saw the SSL there and was like 'Yup, I want to be sitting in that chair. I'll be cool there for the rest of my life,'" says Luksa. With a vision in his head of creating an analog space that would meet the production standards of today, Luksa set about building the studio as he envisioned. Located in Los Angeles, California, The Rattle Room follows suit with its owner's ideals. Luksa worked with Vintage King to purchase his dream console, the Solid State Logic AWS948, while also amassing other amazing gear including the Burl Mothership, Retro Instruments 176, Inward Connections TSL 4 Tube Limiter and more. Over the course of 15 years, Luksa's philosophy on gear and recording has garnered a reputation in the music industry, cementing him as an authority on a wide range of genres including rock, country, hip-hop, EDM, pop and comedy. The sound engineer and classically trained percussionist has worked with a unique mix of artists like Foster The People, Amanda Palmer and John Legend. Ready to see the inner makings of The Rattle Room and learn more about Jaron Luksa? Check out the latest Make Your Mark feature below and find out about the makers who move the industry forward with their tireless pursuit of audio perfection.