With the opening day of NAMM well under way, Avid has blown the doors off of the Anaheim Convention Center by introducing Pro Tools 12 and Pro Tools | First. The audio workstation, which has essentially redefined the pro audio industry since its inception, is once again changing the game. Slated to be released later in Q1 of 2015, Avid's Pro Tools 12 opens up the options of availability for artists, producers and engineers of all levels in a way that has never been done before. By offering the latest Pro Tools as a subscription-based service, users will have access to the latest software, upgrades, updates and support for a monthly or annual cost. That's not all that is changing about Pro Tools. Avid has revamped the software's 64-bit performance and the Avid Audio Engine, which will speed up your system's processing power no matter what hardware you are working with. This will allow for creating larger mixes and playing them back in the Pro Tools timeline with greater ease. In addition to the subscription-based format and faster processing times, Avid's Pro Tools 12 is setting the platform for more innovation to come. Users who purchase or subscribe to Pro Tools 12 will be given the chance to sign up early for Avid Cloud Collaboration. Giving music makers the option to work with others from around the world, Pro Tools 12 and Avid Cloud Collaboration will make the process much easier. With built-in chat and other features, you'll be able to record and mix like you're all in the same room. In using Avid Cloud Collaboration, the name of the game is easy access. The days of searching for projects and storing them on different hard drives are over, as Avid's new audio archival technology gives you instant access to all of your work. Offering the peace of mind that your work is secure and you can find it at any time is sure to make the process of pulling up tracks much less stressful. While the Avid Cloud Collaboration will make retrieving projects a simple task, the upcoming Avid Marketplace gives users access to a world where they can sell and promote their projects. The Marketplace takes the concept of social music marketing site and advances it by creating a place where licensing songs and stems is a breeze. Whether choosing to do so privately or publicly, you can create connections with others who are looking for music for their work in commercials, TV, film and beyond. For those looking for something more basic, Avid is also introducing Pro Tools | First. This a new, free version of the Pro Tools software, which condenses down the program's format, thus giving beginners a perfect starting point. Using many of the same tools that audio profressionals work with every single day, new Pro Tools users will be able to start recording, editing and mixing their own compositions within a few minutes of starting up the program. Once again, Avid has turned the pro audio world on its ear and opened up a world of opportunities for the users of Pro Tools and newcomers alike. Stay tuned for more information about Pro Tools 12, Pro Tools | First and the upcoming Avid Cloud Collaboration and Avid Marketplace.