It's been a week since the dust settled on the NAMM 15 showroom floor and the takeaway is that there are a lot of exciting things happening in the world of pro audio. With the announcement of Universal Audio's Apollo |Expanded, Avid's Pro Tools 12 and Pro Tools | First, the world of software has taken some unique steps forward. Even with software grabbing the major headlines at NAMM, there were also some heavy hitting new pieces of physical gear announced at the trade show. In honor of the release of this new crop of gear, we've assembled our list of the hottest products to make their debut at NAMM in 2015. Check out the selections below and let us know in the comments section what else you're looking forward to in the new year of innovation.
Rupert Neve Designs RNDI: When Rupert Neve sets his mind on achieving something, he rarely leaves the world wanting more. The RNDI, Rupert's first direct in box, accomplishes just that by delivering amazing direct tones via class-A, discrete FET amplifiers and transformers designed by the legend himself. Consistent sounds and a well-ballanced response is what you can expect from the RNDI.
Moog Modular SynthesizersAs the leader in everything synthesizer, Moog has helped music progress since the company's inception. In 2015, the brand is honoring their storied history by recreating some of the most beloved modular synthesizers, including the System 55, System 35 and Model 15. With less than 250 units to be built total, these reissues are made to original specifications using nearly 100% original parts.
Grace Design FelixAre you a touring artist with only a few acoustic instruments who craves a more minimal set-up? The Grace Design Felix is a road-ready two-channel preamp designed for acoustic instruments and microphones. With simple easy-to-use controls and powerful EQ, this stompbox-size preamp is perfect for throwing in a gig bag and never worrying about your sound again.
Genelec 8351A:Genelec has always been on top of the latest innovations in the monitor world and the new 8351A doesn't disappoint. Bringing together their Acoustically Concealed Woofers, Minimum Diffraction Coaxial and Maximised Directivity Control Waveguide, Genelec has created a flexible monitor that works in both the vertical and horizontal position.
Focusrite Clarett: With the Clarett 8PreX, 8Pre, 4Pre and 2Pre, Focusrite has created a new interface that features all new transformer-modeled preamps and pristine conversion. Promising the fastest processing time of any Thunderbolt-based interface, the Clarett offers expanding levels of I/0 depending on the model, starting with 10in/4out for the 2Pre and up to 26 in/28 out on the 8PreX.
Manley Labs Force: Building on their successful Core channel strip, the Manley Labs Force is a four-channel, high-voltage vacuum tube preamplifier. Built with four sets of 1/4" and XLR inputs, the mic pre also features a high-pass filter, phase invert, variable input-level pad and high/low gain switch on each channel.  
ATC Loudspeakers SCM45A: In the SCM45A, ATC set out to create a monitor that was ideal for near-field listening in any application and LCR surround monitoring and surround channels in medium to larger rooms. These monitors achieve just that with 25mm/1" Dual Suspension Super Tweeter, carbon paper cone bass driver and high performance active 3-way technology.
Trinnov Processor D-Mon 8 V0For recording engineers and artists, the mixing process can be much more complicated when you began to work on different types of projects. By using the D-Mon 8 V0 from Trinnov, you can take the idea of a monitor controller to the next level. By creating pre-sets for different types of listening situations, you can get the proper listening environment for your mix and know that it will work for any speaker set-up.
Coleman Audio Phone Mix DI: In a slightly different vein of recording and mixing than the aforementioned Trinnov, Coleman Audio has created a DI that is specifically meant for use with your phone. Instead of relying on ear buds or poor speakers, the Phone Mix DI allows you to patch in music from your phone into your studio monitors for better listening practices.
  Arturia AudioFuse: For such a small unit, the Arturia AudioFuse packs a powerful blow in the audio interface world. By paring down the controls of a massive console into a small square, users will be given access to amazing transparency, a plethora of connectivity options and two mic pres with DiscretePRO technology.