MoogSystem 55
Since their start, Moog Music has been home to a stunning array of synthesizers, theremins, sound controllers and beyond. While they've continuously moved forward, innovating new items like Smartphone applications, the electronics giant has always kept an eye on their legacy. In 2015, Moog is bringing back some of their most formative pieces in a new line and Vintage King has them available for order. This hand-built gear will feature several pieces from throughout Moog's history, all of which have been painstakingly reproduced. Over the course of several years, Moog's team of designers and technicians have followed original documentation, art files and circuitry, in order to create the same exact products. While many brands tout their recreations, this is as thorough a job as possible.
Moog System 55: Built into two solid walnut cabinets, the Moog Modular System 55 is an extremely sophisticated analog instrument that features 36 handbuilt modules including 10 oscillators. Acting as an all-encompassing studio synthesizer with everything a user could ever dream of, the system includes a wide range of sound generators, signal processors, control signal generators and signal routing panels. One of the keys to the recreation of the Moog System 55 is that each module included in the cabinet, like the 902 Voltage Controlled Amplifier, 903A Random Signal Generator and 904A Voltage Controlled Low Pass Filter, have been painstakingly recreated to original specifications. Using the same hand-stuffed and hand-soldered methodology of old school techs, modern day Moog employees have carefully worked to build these vintage-style modules.

Limited to only 55 units worldwide.

Moog System 35: Acting as a slightly more condensed version of the 55, the Moog Modular System 35 features basic synth controls, sonic depth and vintage sounds that will easily fit it into most modern studios. The synthesizer features five oscillators and is made up of 22 analog modules, including three 902 Voltage Controlled Amplifiers, Voltage Controlled Low/High Pass Filters, a Fixed Filter Bank, three Envelope Generators and so much more.

Limited to only 35 units worldwide.

Moog Model 15: If you're looking for the ideal synth to pack up and take on the road, the Moog Model 15 bolsters the power of a studio synthesizer in a small suitcase-size. Created in 1974, the new Model 15 recreates the magic of the original by featuring two 902 Voltage Controlled Amplifiers, a Fixed Filter Bank, two Envelope Generators, a 921 Voltage Controlled Oscillator and two 921B Oscillators.

Limited to 150 units worldwide.

Sequencer Complement B Expansion Cabinet: It's hard to believe that the System 35 and Model 15 could get much better, but with the B Expansion Cabinet, you can create an even more expansive bank of sounds. This cabinet features two 960 Sequential Controllers, which will help artists have greater control over the rhythmic nature of the sounds they are creating. In addition to the sequencer cabinet and modulars, Moog is creating a new 962 Duophonic 61 Note Keyboard that will fit in perfectly with each of these reissued classics. While there is little known about the keyboard so far, Moog will be releasing details as they come available. To celebrate the release of these classic vintage pieces, a stunning new video has been released by Moog that details the history and purpose of synthesizers. Starring the creators at Moog and the artists who have used the company's instruments, this short film also gives a sneak peek at the revitalized products that will be coming out from Moog. If you're interested in the Moog System 55 ($35000)Moog System 35 ($22000) or Moog Model 15 ($10000), Vintage King will have a limited quantity of each available. Please contact your Sales Rep now or call 888.653.1184 to purchase your unit as all three will be sold out extremely quickly.