Rollin Weary knows that gear doesn't make the hits, but it certainly adds something to the mix. As a recording engineer at I.V. Labs, a Chicago-based recording space, Weary works with bands to use the right mix of the studio's impeccable selection of vintage and modern gear. "I try to blend the crazy stuff with some of the standard stuff," Weary says. "Nine times out of 10, you bring the drummer in after you get tones and you put up the one mic that's distorted, blown out and huge and they are off the wall about it." With a philosophy of making great records first and worrying about the rest later, Weary and the staff at I.V. Lab have created a workspace where the recording process is all about the song. Even when long hours are put in, the team's love of creation and development shines through. "You have to be here because you love it," Weary states. "That's all there is to it." In the fifth installment of our Make Your Mark series, Vintage King takes viewers inside of I.V. Labs as Rollin Weary further explains the studio's philosophy. Check out the video below and some of our exclusive photos from the studio space.