In more exciting news from NAMM, Universal Audio has announced that they will be expanding the Apollo to feature new plug-ins and a Console 2.0 interface. The Apollo Expanded software will make its debut in March 2015 with the ability to combine up to four Apollo units, adding extra I/0 and DSP to create a masterful studio set-up. The Apollo Expanded features several improvements that will up your studio game, the principle of which is the ability to connect muiltiple Apollo units via Thunderbolt. This allows for the seamless ability to link up to four units, in addition to six UA2-2 devices per each Apollo. A new Flex Driver enables Apollo users to customize I/O and name/save certain presets for different types of hardware and audio workstations. Lastly, the systems star clocking will distribute throughout each unit in use.
In addition to the improved connectivity, the Apollo Expanded also will introduce the Console 2.0 interface into your studio. With new UAD plug-in categories, channel strip presets, monitoring improvements and more,  the 64-bit software interface will bring a new experience to the recording and mixing process. Some of the new Universal Audio plug-in categories include a Wood Works plug-in for creating accurate acoustic sounds, a live auto-tune plug-in, a new Friedman Amplifier emulator and more.
Fans of Universal Audio will be pleased to know that Apollo Expanded will be available in March 2015 and free to Apollo owners. If you don't own an Apollo system yet, Vintage King has you covered. Check out our massive selection of Universal Audio gear including the Apollo Twin Solo, Apollo Twin DuoApollo Duo, Apollo Quad and Apollo 16.