In the world of post-production, life is forever changing. New projects are constantly coming in, forcing editors to adapt and react to the different sounds they are dealing with. For Vince Tennant, Director of Audio for Wild Woods Post Production Sound, his success is based on looking at the smallest details.

"What we do is so odd in that, it's a foot in the technical mindset and foot in a creative mindset," Tennant says of the mentality needed to work in post-production. "There is a certain type of person that can get into that and straddle both sides of that line and do it right."

Based in Los Angeles, California, Wild Woods is an amazing space that houses eight sound stages for different kinds of post-production work. Staking their claim to fame as the producers of audio for most reality television shows, Wild Woods has worked on some of the biggest hits in recent years, including Hell's Kitchen, Honey Boo Boo, Catfish, Last Comic Standing and more.

Curious to check out the inside of Wild Woods? As the third installment in our Make Your Mark series, Vintage King is giving an all-access look at how Vince and his team at Wild Woods produce the music and audio heard in all your favorite TV shows and films. Watch our feature on Vince below and check out some exclusive photos from Wild Woods.