Since first getting into the guitar effects game, Robert Keeley and Keeley Electronics have become known for their impressive array of compression pedals. His latest creation, the GC2, takes the classic compression of Robert's older pedals and puts a new twist on them. Built around the hi-fi THAT Corp. 4320 analog processor, the Keeley utilizes high performance voltage controlled amplifiers and op-amps to give you complete control over your sound. The pedal can take on huge signals, handling bandwidths of over 20 KHZ. With the GC2, there is no loss in your tone, only the essential compression that guitar players crave. The GC2 differs from older Keeley models, like the C4, because it drops any attempt to add sustain to the your guitar tone. Instead, Keeley's new effect is extremely transparent and offers a natural sound that won't add unwanted noise into your mix. This is truly a studio quality compressor condensed into a guitar pedal. In order to prevent extra noise and preserve proper compression, Keeley has kept the GC2 extremely simple when it comes to controls. While other compression pedals feature tone knobs, the GC2 forgoes them, as they essentially destroy the characteristics of compression and add noise to the circuit. Ready to hear the Keeley GC2? In Pete Thorn's latest demo, he shows off the new generation of Keely compression and its unique blooming tone. Check out the video below: