In the heyday of analog gear, the recording studio was a place where tactile controls influenced every aspect of the sounds that you created. While the digital push has led many towards a less hands-on approach (more point-and-click then turn and test), many gear makers are attempting to create a perfect combination of both. Enter the Slate Media Technology Raven MTi.

Since its release in 2013, the Raven MTi has set the recording world ablaze with a unique approach, offering multi-touch DAW and software controllers that can be used in a more tangible fashion. For the holiday season, Slate has dropped the price of this amazing studio tool for Vintage King customers to $1999.

The Raven MTi's 27" screen puts DAW control in the power of your hands, instead of your mouse. Thanks to multi-touch technology, you can utilize the screen in the same way that you would use a console, as there are no limitations to being able to control several components at the same time. With HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, extremely clear images and real-time touch power, this controller will change the way you work in the studio.


Raven has created well-built Mixer and Toolbar components, which make learning to control the MTi an extremely simple task that becomes second nature. These intuitive controls are customizable and easy to access for each user, also offering the option for using a second monitor if you really like to spread things out and see each element of what you are recording or mixing.

Whether you prefer to record with Pro Tools 10/11 or Logic Pro X, Slate's MTi DAW controller has quickly become one of the hottest items on the pro audio market. As an essential meeting place of a unique workspace and classic analog control via touchscreen, your recording workflow can feel more hands-on than ever before in the digital age of the studio.

Check out the videos below from Slate Media Technology's Steven Slate and Nick Aliberti to find out how the MTi was developed for use with Pro Tools 10/11 and Logic Pro X: