Whether you're looking for fuzz, reverb or boost, Vintage King's pedal collection has continued to grow into an extremely well-rounded offering of guitar effects. We've brought together five of our favorite pedals to be released in the last few months to show you what's hot in the world of boutique guitar gear.
1. EarthQuaker Devices - Afterneath Otherworldly Reverb The sound of the Afterneath Otherworldly Reverb is as beautiful as it is chaotic. With intense rhythmic delays and cave-like reverb sending notes careening all over the place, this guitar pedal would fit right at home on the board of any shoegaze rocker and even more advanced ambient sounding acts. Via six control knobs (Length, Diffuse, Dampen, Drag, Reflect and Mix), players will be able to create their own unique reverb sounds that fits into their own guitar gameplan.
2. Keeley - Black Glass British Fuzz Limited to only 150 pedals, Keeley's Black Glass British Fuzz is a modern version of the classic OC81 design, but packed with rare British made Mullard OC44 black glass transistors. For those that can never have enough fuzz, this pedal is modded for increased high frequency and built to battle the temperature issues that can often affect vintage gear. What sounds can you expect? One of the best modern fuzz sounds around.
3. Pettyjohn - Standard PreDrive With the goal of bringing premium studio technology to the guitar pedal world, the Pettyjohn Standard PreDrive is guitar preamp that helps to define and shape your guitar's natural tone. Designed to come first in your chain, the pedal features high and low cut filters, input/output gains and a harmonic drive switch, which gives you the ability to have complete control of your tone. Additionally, the pedal acts as a boost, which can be controlled by using the large knob in the middle.
4. Bondi Effects - Del Mar Overdrive As one of the most exciting newcomers to hit the guitar market in 2014, Bondi Effects has created two unique effects with the birth of the Sick As and Del Mar. This splendid, sparkly sand-colored pedal kicks out overdrive influenced by classics like the Tubescreamer and the Bluesbreaker. Utilizing the gain knob, you'll be able to dial in a cleaner, boosted sound and fluidly move up to the pedal's more crunchy tone, simply by adjusting your guitar's volume control.
5. Malekko - Diabolik For their new Diabolik pedal, Malekko teamed up with producer/multi-instrumentalist Justin Meldal-Johnson (Beck / Nine Inch Nails) to create crushing fuzz sounds. Inspired by the brand's B:ASSMASTER circuit, the team set about allowing more low end to pass through each of the pedal's two channels. This means you get extremely heavy sounds, no matter if you have a clean or fuzz-filled tone.