Avid's latest offering to the world, the S3 Control Surface, made a giant splash at AES 2014 and has now landed at Vintage King. In celebration of the release of the S3, we're teaming up with Avid to present two exclusive launch parties at our Los Angeles and Nashville locations. On December 9th (Los Angeles) and December 18th (Nashville), Avid product specialists Mario De Arce and Collyer Spreen will be giving demonstrations of the S3 and showing Vintage King customers why the new control surface is so unique. As a more affordable version of the S6 Control Surface, the Avid S3 condenses down the original into a 16-fader control surface that can be used in the recording studio or in live venues.
The key to Avid S3 is its small size and ease of use throughout the recording and mixing process. The console offers the ability to easily transition between tracking, muting tracks, working with plug-ins and recalling custom settings. Each board can recall up to 12 custom mixing settings, which means you can always have your favorite set-ups ready to go. Controlling these settings is extremely simple, thanks to 32 push-button rotary encoders. With incredible DAW integration, the S3 will help to perfect your workflow. The control surface is EUCON-enabled, which makes working within Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic Pro and other DAWs a breeze. The aforementioned 12 custom mix settings will give you the ability to seamlessly switch between board set-ups for different programs.
In addition to being your standard control surface, the S3 is also an AVB Audio Interface. Users can utilize Pro Tools 11 software and this console as a standalone workstation. The AVB only works with Mac, but supports core audio at 48kHz and features two mic inputs, two line-ins and stream monitoring.