AES 2014 is nearly upon us and you may already be feeling a little tired. There all of the sneak peeks of new gear on Facebook, hushed hubbub about what's next and your practice walks for the convention floor around the neighborhood... It's seems like your ready for a break. Please allow us to welcome you to the UA Lounge 1176. As your vintage-themed audio refuge throughout the entire AES show, Universal Audio is taking over the Vintage King Los Angeles lobby and turning it into an ultra-hip lounge. Dubbed UA Lounge 1176, this space is the perfect place to grab a couch, feel the shag under your feet and hit play on the latest plug-ins from Universal Audio. Among the wood paneling and lava lamps, visitors to the UA Lounge 1176 will be able to work with two Apollo stations and some of Universal Audio's other hardware gear. Universal Audio staffers Jerry Antonelli and Brandon Bahn will be on-hand, affording you the opportunity to ask about the gear and also take advantage of a few unique sales going on throughout AES. Come hang out in the UA Lounge 1176 at Vintage King Los Angeles, throughout the AES weekend, October 9-12. Vintage King will be offering shuttle rides from the convention center to Vintage King Los Angeles, so that all audio fanatics will have a chance to check out the store and experience some of Universal Audio's best gear. All you have to do is find Booth #1025 and sign up for a ride to our storefront. If you'd like to come experience the UA Lounge 1176 on your own, Vintage King Los Angeles is a short, two-mile drive from the Los Angeles Convention Center. Take a break from the festivities, try out some of the best plug-ins around and come enjoy a throwback experience from Universal Audio and Vintage King.