Solid State Logic XL Desk2
Solid State Logic constantly develops new technology that both reflects the needs of demanding audio professionals and provides new and innovative tools for audio creation. With their brand new console, the XL-Desk, Solid State Logic is dialing it back to provide users with a more vintage feel and less modern automation. While many recording studios revolve around DAW systems, not all engineers and mixers are concerned with mixing on a fully integrated system. Enter the XL-Desk, an analog console that works within a DAW-based studio, but doesn't feature the integrated control or level automation that Solid State Logic has been known for creating. The XL-desk may take a step away from some Solid State Logic creations, but this console is still packed with the elements of what makes the brand's gear so good to began with. Packed with 20 channel strips and four stereo channels, the console features eight Solid State Logic's signature VHD (Variable Harmonic Drive) mic pres. Offering everything from your basic warm sound to incredibly trash gain, these mic pres make the XL Desk an incredibly versatile weapon in the studio. In addition to having the VHD mic pres on board, the XL-Desk has an incredible 18-slot 500 Series rack built into the console. Offering users the distinct ability to have their favorite 500 Series on-hand at all times, the console's penthouse can be loaded with Solid State Logic modules or any other third-party modules that will fit. Each 500 Series can be then linked to one of the remaining 16 channel strips below via a "500" insert button. Much of the sonic qualities that can be attributed to Solid State Logic's consoles can directly be linked to their impressive mix busses. With the XL-Desk, the console has been loaded up with four mix busses, which offers mixers the ability to create sub-groups of sounds and develop the separation between instruments that they truly want. With Mix A being the master bus, it's possible to run the other three through the main, while still keeping each bus at its own individual level of volume. When it comes to workflow, some engineers, producers and mixers still prefer to work on classic analog consoles. Not only does the XL Desk provide this feel that a plug-in can't satisfy, but it allows users to work with their hands, instead of a mouse. In creating the XL-Desk, Solid State Logic has rolled back time to please those who grew up using analog, but still offer the sound of today's innovative consoles.
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