When it comes to replicating vintage audio gear, there is no more sought after sound than that of Abbey Road from the years 1964 to 1968. This peak period of the studio saw EMI technicians churning out incredible audio innovations, which The Beatles would use on recordings that forever changed the world. The recording console behind this era was the REDD .51, which was packed with Abbey Road’s secret weapon, the REDD .47 preamp. Thankfully, Chandler Limited has bringing back this masterpiece.

With unmistakable character, one that packs a powerful punch, the REDD .47 is known as the centerpiece of the REDD .51 console. These valve line amplifiers affect every aspect of the audio path, adding gain to mic inputs, line inputs, echo sends and monitors. If you’ve ever wondered what created the classic sound of the guitar on “Revolution,” the REDD .47 is directly responsible for it.

Chandler Limited has worked tirelessly to bring back the original REDD .47 for a new generation. The tube microphone preamp improves on the original with increased gain and offers up a rich tone that has 2% harmonic distortion before clipping. The preamp features a balanced XLR input and a ¼” direct input, two tubes (EF86/E88CC), inductor-based rumble filter and internal power supply.

For 15 years, Chandler Limited has been creating quality gear including preamps, equalizers, 500 series, guitar pedals and more. Their dedication to recreating the equipment of Abbey Road has garnered them an official licensing deal from the famed studio, and allowed Chandler to continue painstakingly making this amazing audio gear. The REDD .47 preamp is the next step in the Chandler Limited and Abbey Road connection.